Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Not Working/TRANSFER!

When William left on his mission I had big plans of posting his pictures and weekly letters to a blog. That has not worked out. )-:

We have not gotten any pictures form him yet. And his letters are very personal. Either they have too much personal stuff about our family or he is too personal about the investigators, members, etc. Not bad stuff, just not stuff I would be comfortable putting on a blog!

So, I will be changing this around a little. If you want to hear what is up with him I would be glad to forward his emails to anyone that wants to read them. I know you guys are here because you are William's friends,and I have no problem with you reading the emails that he sends. (I can edit them, if need be! LOL)

So send me your email if you want in on the "Mission Group" mass mailing I do. I have been forwarding to siblings and cousins like this for a while and think this is the best way to include everyone that is interested.

Just a final not of news on Elder Hale... He had his first Transfer yesterday. He now lives in WhiteFish, Montana. Here is the quick note we got from him letting us know:

I got the call today that I am being transferred to Whitefish, Montana!!!!!
It is in the northwest corner of Montana and is in the Kalispell zone.
I will be companions with a one Elder Herber.
My new address is:

3800 Hwy 40 W. #3
Columbia Falls, MT 59912

(Even though my area is Whitefish I will be living in Columbia Falls.)
Whitefish is supposedly one of the most beautiful areas in the whole mission &
everyone in the whole zone here in Great Falls is pretty jealous of me. :D
I will be getting transferred on Monday so I may not be able to email that week.
I am super excited!

You can still send him mail at the mission home and they forward it on. You can use his apt. address as long as you don't send something too close to transfer time! (-: