Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dear Elder is an awesome tool to communicate with missionaries!! While William is in the MTC you can type a letter to him and if you submit it before noon, they will get it to him that day!! For FREE!!! Just be sure and choose Provo MTC from the drop down menu until April 25. Once he is in the mission field, they will charge you .44 (the price of the stamp) to print and mail it to him. SOOO EASY!!! (Choose his actual mission after the 25th) It is simple, just go to DearElder. com and create an account for you, and then you can start sending letters to William, and any other missionaries you know. If you are writing to a missionary that serves in a mission that the church sends pouches to on a regular basis, you can send them letters for free the whole time they are on their missions. How cool is that?? So I challenge you all to send William a letter a day while it is still free (until April 25, he leaves the 26th, so he probably won't get mail that day) I am going to go and send him one right now! Oh, his address is to the left.. right over there!

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