Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First Email April 13, 2011

haha yeah my p-day is wednesday.... I realized i entered on the church's anniversary and that Jesus was born on that day too many believe. I also sent two letters home with a list of stuff i need or forgot the day i got here and the day after so you should have gotten those yesterday or today. I am doing my laundry right now.

But yeah I did see russell the other day and the first few days are rough cuz they cram about a million tons of information in your head and then you have to remember it all. I am doing fine! I saw elder Hunter a few times already. He has blonde hair which is wierd for me even though i knew that was his natural color.... I didn't recognize him at first.

But yeah I am doing good and having lots of fun! Ive already got like 4 people commit to baptism and have invited like 10 others.... they are just fake investigators but they do a really good acting job lol. but yeah I only have another 22 minutes to email sooo if you don't reply by then I will talk to you next week!
Love ya,

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  1. OH GOSH...i didn't know this would make me cry. Tears of joy and tears of oh my gosh...william on a mission tears. I think it was the part where he said if you don't get this then i'll talk to you next week! Or it could've been the part of his fake invest.
    I love this. Thank you so much for posting and keeping us updated.