Wednesday, April 20, 2011

E-mail 2 April 20, 2011

Let me just preface this with the comment that his Indian name would be HeWhoWrites LittleWords!

ok awesome! yeah I bought a hymbook and I got my name engraved on it! it looks sweet! We sang the Day Dawn is Breaking in sacrament meeting as a district for the special musical number and I sang some pretty epic bass! I really can't think of anything to write....... I think of things to write about all week but then when wednesday gets here I cant think of anything interesting...... except maybe the fact that ELDER RICHARD G. SCOTT SPOKE TO US LAST NIGHT AT DEVOTIONAL!!!! it was wayyy cool and he gave an Apostolic Blessing to all the foreign speaking missionaries! lucky them. I leave the mtc in 6 days! but anyways thats about all the interesting things i can think of right now.... so i will talk to you later!

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  1. The whole ward is proud of you and your decision to serve a mission. Please keep in touch as much as you can, and take plenty of pictures to share with us.
    We send our love and prayers to you.
    Mike & Anamaria Baus