Monday, May 2, 2011

May 1

Here is William's e-mail that he sent to Adrian:

ok its finally p-day here in Montana so I guess you want an update on everything.... I sent a letter explaining what happened right after I got here so I will start after that. I got called to Two Rivers area in Great Falls Montana. It was an amazing drive through Montana to get here. I went through mountains and forests but as it turns out Great Falls happens to be the most flat, brown, boring looking area I have seen yet lol. Oh well. My companion, Elder Hanson, has only been out about 6 months or so and he seems pretty cool so far. We had a baptism on Saturday which was kinda cool except for the fact that we now have no investigators and pretty much no referrals.... TRACTING!!!! Thats what I will be doing for the next few weeks most likely until we get some investi"gators". ****(Personal edit)*****In some areas in montana almost everyone is a member but there is an inactivity rate of like 80% so missionary work here is focused on reactivation efforts. There are a lot of Indian reservations in Montana... like 7 or 8 i think so hopefully I can serve on one just for the experience... everyone says they either love or hate it. I really don't know what else to say. Just write me back with questions you have for me and I can answer them.

Here is the e-mail I got from him, basically answering questions I sent him:

I live with Sister Manning. She is like 80 years old or older... I have no idea, but we live next to the church In Great Falls, MT
Great Falls is flat for the most part. There are some hills around it. It is a lot like Murfreesboro.
Dinner appointments have been great. The food they make here is amazing... I will get fat.
My trainer has only been out 6 months but he is way cool! His name is Elder Hanson and he is from SanDiego, CA.
The mission home is in Billings and honestly I have nothing to compare it to..... its like a house with an office on the bottom floor....

Then he and I sent several e-mails back and forth to each other while he was at the computer. I will put my questions in red and his answers in black:

what have you done today?

nothing really. just woke up and cleaned some and hung out with my companion and a couple of other missionaries. did my laundry and am now just writing emails.

do you have to go to the church to email? are you going to have a blog and FB like some of teh missionaries do?I am looking at your address on Google Street view but she has a GIANT tree in her front yard, and I can't see teh house. I can see teh neighbors on either side, just fine. Do you have your own entrance? What about the kitchen, etc?

I am at a college campus right now using those computers. I will have FB and a blog after this transfer (6 weeks). and no we share the same entrance but she lives downstairs. we share a kitchen though.

It looks like a ranch house, does she live in the basement?

its a small house in like a little subdivision. and yes she does

what kind of car do you have?

chevy colorado. same as tennessee missionaries

Did you take the mission truck from Billings to Great Falls?

i rode a bus from billings through bozeman and butte then got off in helena then rode in a truck to great falls. its a pretty big town..

a Greyhound bus? with Elder Hanson?

no just with the other missionaries in that area.I gotta go now. tty next monday! send me some letters k :D

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