Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011

-Monday: p-day we just played basketball all day.

-Tuesday: We visited a couple less active members then went to a bbq :D that was fun. Then we started exchanges. I got paired up with Elder Mudge....

-Wednesday: He made me wake up like 30 minutes early just so we could work out for a full hour...... I did 50 push ups, 110 sit ups, and jumped rope for like 25 minutes straight over the course of that hour. Then we went tracting for 2 hours then had lunch then went tracting for another 3 hours then visited a recent convert and a less active member then had dinner...

-Thursday: Got back with my companion in the morning. We visited like 3 less active families and went tracting for like 2-3 hours and visited a recent convert.

-Friday: Same routine as thursday pretty much we visited less active families and tracted all day.

-Saturday: We went to Cascade which is the other area we cover besides two rivers and we helped a less active family build their house all day! Probably the best day of my mission so far because I felt extremely useful when it came to building the house and we talked about church most of the day while we worked and they came to church last sunday so hopefully we are doing some good there. they fed us lunch and dinner and it really was a nice break from walking all day and people rejecting us.

-Sunday: Elder Hanson didn't feel to good so we went to church and then to lunch and went and visited 2 less active families and a recent convert. then we went home at 6:30 cuz his stomach was killing him. (He is feeling better today)

and that has been my week hopefully the next will be better. We are going to go work on the house again on saturday so I'm pretty excited about that :D Hope all is well in McMinnville sounds like you guys had a pretty big week. (Tell ella that anyone who texts while driving would just put tape over the buttons..... just saying. She should make it so that there is an electrical current going throught the steering wheel and if they only have one hand on the wheel it will shock them.)

Elder Hale

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